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Spreading the VP Love

Why do you love VP? Has it helped you reach that first oh-oh-orgasm? Have you finally figured out how to conquer recurring yeast? Have you been comforted in having a safe space where you can bring all your vulva-related problems?

Your feedback means a lot to us since you're the engine that keeps the revolution moving. If you'd like to sing the praises of VP, feel free to send us an email or say your thing over here in VP on LJ.

Any place where the main activity is women helping women care for themselves and learn to love themselves is a great place to be. I love learning from other members and sharing my knowledge. I feel like we do something great for women just by talking with one another.

VP boosted my self esteem ten-fold; caters to my belief that we can never know too much about our bodies; encouraged me to try a menstrual cup; made me think, 'heh, neat' instead of 'ew' at every bodily function known to man; and has, perhaps most prominently, made me lose any inhibitions or fears I had about losing my virginity, sex in general and people (men) not finding me attractive. I feel so educated now, it's awesome!

Thank you so much for this community and your continued effort to keep it a safe space. I can honestly say that this community has changed my life--I now know so much more about my body, have gained confidence that I am okay and "normal" for asking certain questions and having certain issues, and I'm always touched by the sense of solidarity here. You women are wonderful!

VP helped me to love myself more, turned me into a feminist, taught me about the wonders of my cunt, taught me how to care for my cunt, etc.! I love VP!

It inspired me to get my first vibrator and finally have my first orgasm--at age 20.

It's non-judgmental.

I get a feeling of complete security here. Sort of like, these people have no idea who anyone is, but yet they're sweet enough to sit and read about their problems, and give them feedback without laughing or being rude. I was sort of taken aback, because in other sex communities, there's a couple people who, while giving 'constructive criticism' will say something [rude] about your question.

Mostly I love that I no longer feel like my body's not totally awesome, because it totally is.

I can be honest, open and learn the things every woman ought to know--and if I don't know them, I can ask.

I don't feel so alone and isolated.

It's a place where you can use words like "clot" and not gross others out.

You can ask questions too embarrassing to ask your best friend and get answers that are helpful, not judgmental.

I've learned a lot more about my body and in the process have become more comfortable with it, my sexuality, and my worth as a person. Because of that, my first gyno visit was easy-peasy, and I finally had the sense and the determination to stand up to my emotionally negligent/abusive ex-boyfriend. Also, I love the fact that now I'm better informed about a lot of women's issues, I can help instruct others, both women and men, and debunk a lot of traditional myths and hang-ups about sexuality. Plus, it's great to just have a supportive community like this. It's not really socially acceptable for women to bond over their sexuality, so having this kind of place, where [people] can be open and enthusiastic about sexuality makes me feel really good about myself.

There are constant reminders that your body is normal, even when it doesn't look like the porn stars' you see.

It ups my self-esteem to know that I can help others when they're stressed.

Before I found VP, I couldn't say the word "vagina," I was afraid of sex, and I couldn't stomach the thought of a gynecologist visit. Now, not only do I toss these topics (and more) around in the community like they're nothing; I also treat them as such in public. I'm so comfortable and proud of my vulva, I love having sex and learning about sex, I'm passionate about women's health, I'm a menstrual cup crusader, I'm even more open-minded than I was before, and I was motivated to become a volunteer at the Feminist Women's Health Center, which is so, so fulfilling. I can talk about women's health and issues with authority. I received help in diagnosing myself with a UTI before it was too late, I learned about the BC-antibiotic danger, and I infamously learned all about shaving my vulva. I love having a community of people who not only thoroughly and compassionately answer questions, but they also offer friendship and love. Some great friends, online and in 'real life' have come from this community and from the perspective that this community gave to me.

VP encouraged me to try both the Diva Cup and Nuva Ring.

It's really neat to see people using words like 'cunt' and 'nipple' without instantly slapping each other a high five or giggling.

I find other women here who are just like me, while at the same time being reassured and believing that I am truly a unique individual.

It gives me answers super fast.

It gives you the feeling that somewhere out there, some else has gone through the same thing that you're going through.

There seems to always be someone who has gone through what you're going through or knows enough about it to dvise you, and while it's always best to see a doctor for any serious concerns, you guys definitely ease one's mind until they can get there. It's a pretty relaxed environment where you don't have to feel uncomfortable seeking help.

VP is where I first heard of menstrual cups, and now I love mine!

VP is where I was introduced to acidophilus, and it didn't help me, but I passed the info on to my sister who had chronic YIs for years. Now, she is YI-free!

Reading the posts here has done wonders for helping me be comfortable with my body. Without this community, I doubt I'd have worked up the courage to start my sex-toy collection.

It's helped me understand and explain to other people, that I don't have to deny myself sexual fulfillment just because I'm celibate, and that my methods of getting off are just as "normal" and "valid" as anyone else's. I've been able to relieve myself of the "masturbation = big bad evil SIN" mentality that I was brought up with.

VP has helped me to help other people. I work in a library in rural northwest Tennessee, and I've had female patrons come in looking for help with "female" problems, and quite a few of them have been woefully ignorant of their own anatomy and functions. Because of VP, I've been able to point them to the online and offline resources they need.

I love how normal this place has made me feel...I've realised that every body is beautiful and unique--even mine.

I love how open you can be here when asking questions or giving advice.

I love VP because it makes me feel really good about myself.

It is a place where I can go to learn about grrl things from other girls and share what I know. I love it because it is non-judgmental and open and wholly positive.

It's a great place to learn and share.

VP helped me through a very difficult time when I had my cyst and had to eventually have my whole ovary taken out. This place has also helped me with ridiculous numbers of questions about sex, health, and even just reading here regularly has taught me a million times more than I could ever learn in any sexual health class. VP also encouraged me to try a menstrual cup. I got me a Diva now, and I am totally in love! Finally, this place has helped me find other methods of effective birth control after it became clear that hormones were a problem for me. I love it here! Everyone is kind, helpful, and the advice I typically get is just wonderful.

It's so great to able to have a place to talk about this kind of stuff without being embarrassed. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I'm so glad I found this place!

VP taught me how to be comfortable with my body and my sexuality. I am not so intimidated by my girly parts anymore.

It has helped me realize I'm more "normal" than I thought I was. And also realize the beautiful physical differences in our bodies are "normal," too!

It has helped me come to accept, and sometimes even like, the looks and body I have. (Seriously, the "Everyday Faces & Bodies" project is amazing. Until then, I had only seen other vulvae [is that the plural?] in medical drawings.)

It is more than just a community about vaginas. It's a place for women to be able to freely talk with other women about our bodies and sex lives. And to rant about certain issues!

VP has helped me to help other women.

Before joining, I rarely paid any attention to my vag area except when it was "that time of the month." Now I regularly get out a mirror and check around down there to make sure everything is as it should be.

It encourages me that I'll eventually learn to orgasm just by using my hand, and eventually be able to show my boyfriend how to get me off.

I love that I'm completely anonymous here. I can talk about ANYTHING and not worry that someone who doesn't need to know certain things about me will find out.

I'm WAY more comfortable with talking about my period and buying "supplies." Before, I'd get a hand basket at Target and put other stuff on top of the pads and tampons at the bottom of the basket. Today, I had to buy a few things (pads being one of them) and since I only had like four things to buy, I just carried them by hand and did not care AT ALL who saw me holding a big package of pads.

I have learned so many things about my body that I otherwise would have never learned.

VP's Everyday Bodies Project was the first step towards accepting my body with all its flaws. And for the first time, I have seen normal body parts.

I love the strong emphasis on people being non-judgmental. I have become more accepting of other people and I see the many ways in which I subconsciously judge people.

Seriously, there is enough material on VaginaPagina for a few books at least.

I love the Everyday Bodies Project, that made such a difference to how I saw myself.

I have learnt so much and I love being surrounded by so many people who are just looking out for each other and giving good advice, it reassures me about people in general.

It's full of cool people (and the maintainers are pretty good at keeping aggressive people away).

I can ask for vulva-related advice and I'll usually find someone who has experience with my particular problem.

I can read all kinds of interesting information about vulvas and their rights!

I love the safe place to ask questions, and I am continually impressed with the wisdom, sensitivity, and supportive atmosphere here.

I wish I'd had a place like this when I was a teen in the 80s. It took me several years to learn through life experience things young women now can learn by spending an afternoon reading VP.

I love VP because I am learning so much I never knew about my lady parts! *looks down* You are a very rambunctious organ-y muscle aren't you?

VP has shaped my attitude about a lot of sexual things. It made me want to explore and discover my sexuality. I've yet to have my first orgasm but I really value the suggestions and thoughts I get here from time to time. It's helped me through the phase when I was trying to get over my abuse to when I fell in love and got sexual for the first time. Thanks for being my safe space.

VP has educated me about a lot of aspects of women's health. I've received helpful, thoughtful and speedy replies when I've posted questions. I'm grateful for both of these gifts.

I suffer from a vulvar pain condition called vulvar vestibulitis or vestibulodynia. It's one of several vulvar pain conditions that are often misdiagnosed or dismissed by doctors (vulvodynia is the other key one). Women can feel incredibly alone and freakish when they have these conditions. It seems everyone else can use tampons and have pain-free sex--and when multiple doctors tell you that you're a frigid hypochondriac, or that you just need to drink more before attempting sex, then it can be deeply depressing. I also have a condition called vaginismus which is psychological in origin--fear of penetration, for whatever reason, causes the vaginal muscles to clench up. It usually makes intercourse impossible. Similarly, this is often a shameful secret that women keep quiet about for years. So I reply to posts about painful sex or the impossibility of penetration, when it seems like the symptoms match the conditions I know about. I give links, I describe my own situation, I make practical suggestions, I point them at support groups, I invite further questions, and I wish them luck. My comments tend to get rather, just like this one! I've had some really grateful feedback from women, which makes it worth the effort I put in. I feel that spreading reliable information & providing sympathetic feedback has made my own suffering (physical and emotional) a bit more bearable. So, *thank you* Rockstarbob and the VP team, for providing this brilliant safe space where women can help and support each other. You do, indeed, rock.

Thanks to this community, I now have a place where I know I can openly talk about issues I wouldn't be able to elsewhere. I have become more aware about new options and issues concerning women than I ever have before. The safe space is such an awesome thing, something I am extremely grateful for. This is just an all-in-all awesome place.

This community made me much more comfortable with my nether region and how it functions. Kind of a grateful sigh, and an "oh thank goodness I'm not the only one" situation. Plus, everyone here is SO HELPFUL and nice! I have yet to see a degrading comment.

I like a community where no question seems stupid or small. A place where I don't have to feel funny or weirded about asking a question. I have also learned a thing or two from other members that I never knew before.

Please excuse me for being totally lame, but I just really wanted to say thank you. Even before I became a member of this community, I've been reading the archives and posts and it's really helped me a lot. Not only has it given me tons of useful information, but it's helped me to be more comfortable with my body as well as more comfortable discussing certain sexual topics with my boyfriend. You guys have really prepared me and made me so much more ready for a whole new experience...and I just felt I should let you all know it's deeply appreciated!

On a personal level, VP taught me what a UTI was -- I thought I was just having a bad day and mentioned it in passing in an entry; the VPers saved me from what could have been a horrible experience! It's too bad this place can't be incorporated into health classes in schools.

Everybody's so helpful and nobody's judgmental, so I feel perfectly comfortable asking whatever I need to ask!

I think its a really great reclamation of women's knowledge. This is what women would do with each other hundreds of years ago: share remedies, knowledge and past experiences. VP is a way for us to take control of our sexuality, bodies, and health!